Friday, January 22, 2010

A Sneak Peak in A Woman's Convo - Part I

So, the other night hanging with the girls, we talked about -- men. Yeah, go figure. We made a few startling observations.

1. Why is it that all of our ex-boyfriends are married? That is unsettling. You know, it makes us wonder if we weren't marriage material or something. What was it that they saw in the other chics that made them commit to them for better or for worse?

2. Why do our ex-boyfriends who are now married try to re-connect? That is more than just unsettling. We all have that experience. Whether it's through the phone, Facebook, MySpace...old boyfriends try to come back and be friends. And, each of them have the same thing, "I wish I had married know, you were my real true love...things aren't really working out at home...I still love you and always think of you..." What is that really about? Maybe, things are okay, but they want to come back to something comfortable and familiar to be friends with, stroke their ego or whatever. We made a few valid suggestions, but the truth of the matter is -- it doesn't matter! Stick with your wife and let go because if you wanted to marry us then you would have stuck it out with us in the first place!

So, I say "No, we can't be, you can't call me when you just need to talk -- talk to your wife." Because, I sure don't want my husband calling his exes when he felt the need to and I don't want the exes to be accomodating to them because they're single and alone. As girlfriends, we decided to not respond to the messages via FB, Myspace or phone.

Let married ex-boyfriends be just that...married EX-boyfriends.


  1. Sounds like you should be glad they married someone else. Better to be the one called than the one discovering phone numbers and FB messages.

  2. Gurl, I would really have to hurt him and plead insanity! You are truly correct on that one.

  3. Well ladies I would say you dodged a bullet by not marrying those dudes. I was married for 14 years and I never told an ex anything like that. That was just game to see if they could hook-up with an ex.