Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Granny...Mmm-hmph!

Okay, yesterday I was trying to travel to Atlanta and called my Granny to let her know that I wouldn't be around. She almost had a fit for me trying to travel after our snowstorm. After hitting I-85, I decided the roads were too bad so I resigned my attempt and went home. I called her back to tell her so. "Praise God, I prayed for you to be safe and to stay home." (I paraphrased her words, but that's the gist of it.)

She went on to say how God answered her prayers so fast. "If God answers your prayers that fast then why don't you pray for me a mate?" I joked. Whooaaa -- too much for her. That started a whole new conversation. She said, "I won't pray for that because you ain't ready." What??? How does she figure that? I truly believe that she would rather have me single and celibate for the rest of my life, just like her. And, that is not going to happen!

"Why would you say that?" I asked her. She went on to say that I had too much going, homeschooling my daughter and writing. What has that got to do with anything? This set off a whole debate and I had to reference all the couples I knew who had a lot going on and still making it work. What started off as a joke went sour. She had so many excuses regarding my life and schedule, and how I shouldn't have a man...
Her - "You may not want the man God sends you..."

Me- "Well, if you're praying for God to send me someone then throw in that I recognize him."

Her - "He can't control your choices."

Me - "Well, pray that I see him the way God sees him...just as long as he's not fat (trying to add humor back in the conversation.)

Her - "See, you gotta take whatever God gives you...But, I don't want him bald-headed or pants hanging low...or..." blah, blah, blah (What if I like bald headed men? I'd take him bald rather than holding on to a little bit of hair).

This is the hypocrisy of it all...I can't reject a fat man if God chose him for me, but she can say he can't be bald-headed? What is wrong with that picture?! I got a little irritated with my grandmother. How can she have all of this faith and wisdom, but not enough to trust God to send me someone who will support me even with everything that I may have going on?

Finally I blurted, "Forget it! It shouldn't be this hard to get you to pray for me a mate. If you can't pray for me a mate and that I recognize him when he comes, then fine, just forget it." Whew! How this Godly woman fought me on such a simple request (which was a joke in the first place!)

I wonder if she is anti-man except for the man her oldest daughter married (and her own sons.)


  1. I hate to admit it, but your granny may have a little bit of a point here...I'll send you a personal message...keep doing what you're doing though, until he shows up

  2. I got your message and it was full of interesting points. You all make it look so easy! It was a joke with her and trust me, I am wanting someone to establish a friend with, go out and laugh with. Marriage is further down the line. We all would like to feel special in someone's eyes.

  3. Idk everything that you have going on, but I will tell you this. I didn't settle at all when it came to Titus. He is everything I asked for. I am different from Granny I don't God just sends any darn thing. This is important. You have to look at this person for a really long time hopefully so they do have to be attractive to you. I also don't think that you change who you are to have somebody. God knew and knows what you need and who you are and idk why, with Him being God and all, he couldn't make someone for busy Alicia the writer, homeschool Mama, zuma teacher, actress, etc. Shoot if God send him you'll be able to let some of that go if you want. Okay, that's my rant. LOL Only you know if there is truly something blocking what you want.

  4. You know they say we must be specific in our prayers/petitioning. God does know your wants< but He also knows your needs. He will send the right man at the right time. Your prayers should include asking for an open heart and discernment.

    Much love,