Saturday, January 30, 2010

Our first snow fall of the year...

happened this weekend. It was a bad weekend for it, but is there any good time for snow? (Unless you're a kid.) It was an inconvenience for me since I needed and wanted to travel to Atlanta this weekend for a funeral.You see, last week I read the following message on Facebook from my sorority sister (Delta Sigma Theta, Inc.), Shannon:

Shannon Sparks: Thank you for your calls, prayers and loving words. My Mom was a fighter. She beat breast cancer. She beat lung cancer. She beat lung and liver cancer. This last fight-God wanted her home and she went peacefully. We take comfort in knowing she is resting and no longer in pain. Thank you Jesus for sharing her with us 73 years. Ida Sparks 1/25/10 4:20pm.

The emails started amongst all of us to generate ideas on how to show support. Many of my Sands (ladies I pledged with) decided to travel from Detroit. Since Charlotte is only a hop-skip-jump from Atlanta, I had to be there. But, then it began to snow...and sleet...oh, no.

Saturday morning, I was determined to go and show my support. Without a snow shovel, but just a short garden shovel in hand, I attempted to shovel the snow/ice from my steep driveway. I'm in good shape, I thought. Whew! That driveway is long and steep...who knew?! I wanted to quit, my back was hurting as I stooped over that short little shovel. I glanced at the windows of my neighbors and wondered if they were watching me and betting if I'd give up. This was a bet that they were going to lose because I'm going to Atlanta! I did it, I shoveled the driveway!

I did my part, but the city didn't do theirs. There was ice and slush all over the roads plus only one lane was clear. "If you want to have friends, you have to be a friend," I reminded myself. That's the truth, I want friendship and I wanted to bond with my sisters especially during a time as this. I can't imagine losing my mother or grandmother. This was the time to say "I love you" and give hugs, drink wine and cry and laugh. We all needed this!

But, I-85 was very dangerous especially when that huge tractor-trailer almost ran me off the road! What can I say to someone who has lost their beloved mother whom she watched deteriorate? What words of comfort can we share? Oh, how I wish I could deliver my hug and compassion to her in person.

So Shannon, you are loved and we all care for you. I pray that you know that your mother left you a legacy of strength, determination and courage. Her fight was won over and over again and she taught us the true spirit of humanity with her tenacious spirit. She never gave up. We all will take that lesson in our hearts. Our prayers are with you and your family.
Me and Shannon


  1. You are so competitive. Your neighbors weren't even thinking about you. LOL

    Anyone that knows you knows that you did your best to get there.

  2. It's funny. I never really thought of myself as competitive until you said that. I think that is a newer trait, learned in the last few years. I wasn't the least competitive growing up.