Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Man behind the counter

Today I went to a newly established vegan restaurant, Zizi's. I've been wanting to try it ever since I fell in love with the vegan restaurant in NY, Blossom's. Blossom's vegan cheeseburger was to die for...scrumptious!

So, yeah...I walked in and out comes this C-U-T-I-E (he wasn't wearing a band so I feel okay about blogging about him). He was a caramel color with hazel eyes (I haven't looked at a light skinned-ed guy in forever) and he had to have a head full of locs under his hat. Myrrh was his frankincense and myrhh he said. Yeah, like the fragrant scent of frankincense and myrhh, that's what you remind me of, my thoughts trailed off. He was the owner and the restaurant was named after his seven year-old son. (A man with a dream and leaving a legacy for his seed, check.)

I found myself unable to stop chatting with this guy. I was more exuberant than ever. I glossed my dry lips since I was not glammed up in the least for I even forgot to put earrings in my ears and mascara. I couldn't stop moving my legs and I didn't know what to do with my hands.  I couldn't stop smiling. "Be still and stop acting like you haven't seen a cute guy before," I tried to calm myself.

Finally, I got my food and promised to be back to support him. Yeah, I'll go back for sure...for the food, of course.


  1. ROTFLMBO!!! You are SO crazy!!! Well, at least you are supporting our people regardless of the reason. LOL

  2. Creator of all things send my Sister a Man tailor made for her, lol, I'm serious though.

  3. Thank you both!! I need your prayers because mine must be delayed. :)))