Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Secret Crush at almost 40!

I do have one. He attends my church and I've been crushing on him since last year. Let's just say that he goes by the name of Damian. And, let's just say that he's attractive and has a nice smile. And, let's just say that my heart flutters every single time that I see him. I hope he's single and I'm not crushing on a guy who has a girlfriend, that would be disgusting. I don't crush on men that are married or have girlfriends. I had a crush on a gentleman in the book field from the moment I saw him, but he has a girlfriend now. (sighhh...okay keep moving.)

He knows me, but I won't approach him. I can't. That's not how my church operates. Women are not supposed to be the agressor. Men are supposed to approach women. Old fashioned, right? I do like some of the old fashioned ways. For instance, men used to woo women and compliment them. Now, women chase down men and do all the complimenting. Men used to make sure that their ladies were happy even if that meant driving across town to get the specific flowers she loved. But now, ladies may get the single rose bought at the gas station and find it acceptable (don't give me 'it's the thought that counts'). Women don't allow men to be the pursuer anymore and they make it too convient for a man to not take the lead. Okay, that's another blog, this one is about my crush.

Ohhh, how my heart beats for my secret crush.

Don't tell anyone, okay? Pinky promise.

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