Saturday, January 16, 2010

Don't Talk About It, Be About It!

I used to say that catch phrase all of the time. I found myself, with a slew of others, always talking about what we planned to do. I found that we talked about the same goals year after year and wasn't making any progress to reach them. Finally, I had to step a part from the crowd and stop all the yapping and turn that energy into making it happen.

I can list what I have done, but they don't compare to the ideas that I talked about and let pass me by. As I grow older, I've learned a few more lesson. For instance, I've been talking less about writing my second book and just been typing away. I realized during the writing of my first book that I talked about it so much without doing it that people stopped taking me seriously. Another example, I didn't talk about wanting to teach a group fitness class, I registered for the certification class without letting the deadline pass me by. And, I talked about getting a grant forever, but finally I spontaneously wrote one and guess what? I got it! Now, I'm not going to talk about getting my body ready to wear a bikini, I'm just going to work out and eat right and post the pics later! (As I was turning 35, I talked about getting fit to look good in a matching bra and panty set and here I am turning 40 and I still got the same darn goal!)

So, as I turn 40, I'm going to do less talking and more doing.

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