Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Fun Night With the Girls!

In a world where baggy and saggy pants is the style for men, I did a triple - no a quadruple- take on a pair of Levi's. Hmmph! My eyes were greedy like a man as I watched those Levi's pass by me. We all giggled at the way he filled his pants out in the back. He looked real good in his jeans and I told him so. Princeton was his name and he was our server at Chili's. All three of us sipped on our Martini's and thought of plenty of questions to ask Princeton to keep our eye candy near to serve us. Yeah, we liked him serving us with his shy smile showing the gap between his teeth.

"Girl, he has his eye on you, can't you tell?" Arlena and Glenda both teased. I knew that he did and I liked the way he looked at me. It made me feel sexy. I flirted back with him to see if I still had that flirty skill.

"He's young," I said. "I like them young, but I can't go too young...well, not anymore." This started another conversation. How young and old do we like them? We all admitted that younger men were spry, spontaneous and energetic.

"Ain't nothing wrong with being a cougar!" Arlene chided. That's the truth because I love younger men. But, Princeton was 25. And, I knew the road that a 25 year-old could possibly lead me. Oh well, I sure did enjoy the view. Too bad men don't pull up their pants to allow us women the pleasure of looking at their butts just like they stare at ours.

Anyway, we went on to Play Date, an organization that hosts game nights for adults. The room was full of tables with different games on them. We scoped the room and I silently hoped that this wasn't going to be a night full of single ladies and a few good men. We sat at a table and started a game of Uno, then two ladies joined us and then two more. Before we knew it, a few good men did come snooping around our table and joined the fun.

Laughter was heard because the floor games began like Twister, hoola-hoop with men doing push-up/sit-ups between the women's legs. "Live a little," I said to myself. So, I got up and snaked my way through the crowd to get a better view. "We need some women volunteers to stand behind the guys." I saw some fine men, which is hard to find here in Charlotte so I volunteered! I couldn't help myself. I stood behind a cutie and waited to see what game we were going to play.

"Now lock arms," the voice said. Uh-oh! That cutie carried me on his back to the other side of the floor! What a race. I prayed that I didn't break his back. "Now, guys get on the floor and let the ladies ride on your backs." Yep, I'm going to break his back for sure. I've always said that I loved muscles and strong backs. And, that's what he had because he carried my load without any pressure. it! What fun!

Then, another guy grabbed me for another game. He had to carry me on his back - hunch back style. I had to wrap my legs around his waist so that I wouldn't fall off. And, we raced other couples to the other side of the floor where a ball was waiting for me to bounce back to the first side. It was cool!

I hope that Arlena and Glenda will be down for a repeat. Princeton's Levi's plus Play Date equals a night full of fun for the girls!


  1. sounds like you ladies had a blast! I have enjoyed reading your blogs....keep it's almost like a really good novel..except I actually know the main character...every word is real, and told with so much heart and humor. - Kami

  2. Girl, Girl, Girl,

    I had a blast from the time we picked you up, the restaurant scene, Playdate, the giggles and ALL the in-betweens like the car conversations.....
    Yeah Prince was a cutie -- oh Lawd help us LOL!!!! Let's do it again!!!

  3. Kami, thank you for reading and commenting. I'm hoping something fun and interesting will happen within the course of this year so that I can write about it.

    Arlena, thank you for the laughs! I don't know when the last time that someone made me feel cute! Thx for commenting.

  4. I am getting to know you really well. LOL You know I have never been one to look at men's butts? Idk why, it just never caught my attention. Maybe because I am part of the orginal pants saggin' generation. We were lucky not to be looking at boxers or God forbid, a butt crack.

  5. I hadn't looked in a looonnngg time. Men wear them sagging or big so I've been accustomed to not even peeking. But, whew! Princeton took me back to the late '80's when Levi's were the thing!