Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Good News and the Bad...

While visiting a classroom in an elementary school yesterday, I was approached by one of the teachers. She said, "Oh, you're a visiting artist? I thought you were one of the highschool students from Northwestern." She's my best friend now. A highschool student? Aww, such flattery. That made my day! Of course, she could be one of those types of people who are horrible at guessing ages, but I don't care...I'll take the compliment!

The good news...I don't look my age.

The bad news...the grant has run out on my teaching artist gig.

Yep, during our meeting yesterday, we were informed of the grant being completed after this year. Soooo, where does that leave us teaching artists? They began talking about options, but of course, there were no guarantees of anything. Soooo, yep... good-bye to my elementary school residencies.

Oh...more good news...I am officially a certified Zumba instructor!!! Yes!

Spread the sunshine!


  1. 1. I told you a long time ago that you were gorgeous. You definitely don't look your age.
    2. From the stories I've heard I feel more sorry for the children as they needed you MUCH more than you needed the job. I hate that we don't value our children enough to make sure that they have the monies to do whatever it is they need to be well rounded and successful!
    3. Congrats on Zumba! I see you are one to keep secrets...hmmmmmm.

  2. Thank you, I try to not wonder how old I truly look. I tend to look at myself through rose colored glasses.

    I do feel bad for the children. I actually love inspiring them to learn and planting seeds of greatness. And, who will tap into their creativity or imagination so that they would be able to "think outside of the box"? They don't have drama in schools! It was so much in that program that I am saddened that it will end.