Monday, May 31, 2010

The truth about about pole dancing...

according to moi!

If you read my previous blogs, you would already know that I have added pole dancing to my repertoire of physical fitness. Traditionally, pole dancing has been stigmatized as a dirty dance with only raunchy or nasty ladies doing it. But now, its the latest trend with housewives, students, mothers and the neighborhood girls tip-toeing into a class.

This week I attended my second class. To be honest, I didn't want to go back. During the first class I kept looking for the clock to strike 12! I was ready to go! But, I paid my money and I wasn't about to waste it. So, I went back to Tease Fitness Boutique and claimed my pole. This week was a little better for me and I actually enjoyed it a little more.

But, what I learned is that it is much more than learning to dance and swing from a pole. And, more than just a physical fitness class. Much more than trying to feel empowered and sexy. (Note: Just don't ask Toni Braxton about pole dancing since she had a perfectly good pole in her new video and didn't even use it. Such a waste. How was she on a stripper stage, with a pole and just barely grazed the pole with her fingertips?! And, she calls herself dancing with the stars, hmph!)

Pole dancing is about trusting yourself...letting go and learning to trust. During a new move called "Carousel," I kept giving myself false starts or stopping myself in the middle of a turn. I kept holding back, but for what? Was I afraid of falling? Hardly, I was already close to the ground. (Hey, no short jokes, I'm being deep here.) Was I afraid of looking foolish? Heck, almost all of us faced challenges on different moves. Besides, it's not about comparing yourself to anyone else. So, why was I holding back and not trusting myself?

That's when it hit me...pole dancing is so much more than dance. I'm on a journey of learning myself, pushing myself, and trusting myself even more.

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