Thursday, May 20, 2010

Getting Sexy Back

"Ladies, instead of doing push-ups today, I want you to do pull-ups. Grab the pole, with the strongest hand on top, pull up and hold for at least ten seconds. Let me show you first." Wow, that looks easy. I've done core work and had to pull my legs up to my chest. Cool.

I eyed the girl that shared the pole with me, "You wanna try it first?" As excitement filled it room, it seemed that neither of us were too eager to go first as we were both beginners. But, she made it look so easy. To my surprise, pulling myself up on that pole for ten seconds was harder than I thought.

The instructor's body oozed sex appeal with each curve and dip of her hips around the pole. I bet that each and everyone one of us coveted the way she climbed and twirled around the pole. I sure did. I looked around and wondered how the diverse group of women found themselves at Tease Fitness Boutique. What was that one thought that got them registered for a pole dancing class. Quickly, I shrugged the thoughts off and focused on the moves of our instructor.

"Now, glide down the pole...this is Naughty Bunny." Oh, I like that one. I learned the Fireman, Martini, Pull Pull and several other seductive moves. My eyes looked around at the other women and gauged my progress. Although I'm competitive, I didn't feel like these women were competitors, but felt that we all came with the same goal.

You see, I've been dancing for the past year and learned to push my body to the limits. Pole dancing is a whole new realm since it works the upper body and core in a totally different way than weight lifting. Plus, add in the factor that we're supposed to be sexy during the learning process. Tonight, I realized that almost all women have a sexy goddess living deep inside of them and it takes the right combination to wake that goddess up and bring her forth.  

The energy changed from being a little tense to relaxed and fun as soon as we ladies stopped comparing our dance moves and bodies to the other attendees. I know I got in the flow a little better when I stopped taking myself so seriously and gave myself permission to just enjoy the process without expecting perfection. Breathe...have fun...get your sexy back. Ahhhhhhhhh....

Wait a minute, what did she say? Perform? Did she say we had to perform? Yep, by week four we will be working in heels...those high stripper heels. And, by the end of the class we should have choreographed our own routine. Shucks, I just about forgot half of the dance moves by the end of the class (darn short-term memory!) That's nothing, she showed us a move where we'll be upside down...please don't let me fall.

Why did I decide to take this class anyway? Oh yeah, I thought it would be fun AND it's a first for me. Hmph! But, I don't know about that upside down move. Wait a minute, didn't I say that I don't quit. I want to unleash my inner sexy goddess and explore her characteristics. As one of my older blogs mentioned, "I'm tired of being the cute friend and want to be sexy," and this may be the thing that ushers me to that point. Besides, all I need is a pole to practice on daily and a pair of red stripper shoes to walk around in...then I'll have it down in no time (yeah right: to the pole, the red stripper shoes and having it down in no time).

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