Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Why do we grow old and stop living?

Tracee, is not only my best friend, but also my prayer partner. This morning as we met on the phone for prayer (she lives in Brooklyn, NY), one of her requests was for her grandmother to stop being afraid to live. I thought about it for a second and realized that I, too, should pray for my Granny. With all of my grandmother's faith in God, she still fears to live.

Why do older people stop living life? They fear traveling on airplanes and boats. They always heed the warning, "Be careful," even if you're just going to the movies.

I think I should pray for myself that I don't paralyze my livelihood by fear. When I grow old, I want to be a hellraiser on two wheels. I want to ride my motorcycle to the beach and find a nice little lake and skinny dip. Well, I want to try skinny dipping before my tits fall to my navel. But, I pray that I won't let sagging boobies prevent me from dipping in my bornday suit! I want to continue to travel and even go further across the world meeting different people on  various paths. When I get older, I want to hike a tall mountain and then zip line down to the valley and then snorkel in the ocean and tell my doctor and CNN that old people ain't dead!

I remember when I went to Guatemala, one of the ladies on our mission team was 78 years old. I watched her get around on her own like a middle aged spry woman. When she checked her email I thought, "What does an 87 year-old woman doing with email!" Many older people reject computers and technology, but not her. She admitted that she does a "crop" walk to raise money each year (5 miles) and at age 72 she jumped out of a plane. 72 years old and sky diving! Wow! That's how I want to live - live life to the fullest!

A few friends of mine that I met through Zumba have been teaching me about laughing out loud and living. I live vicariously through these girls via their photo's on FB. They go out and dance like there's no tomorrow, throw get-togethers with each other. They even threw a Golden Girls party and dressed up like the characters from the show. Tracee used to throw "Game Night" parties where games were played all through the house and "Black Exploitation Movies" and "Old Sitcoms" parties where they watched the movies and shows, played trivia games about them. Just original fun and living life out of the box.

So, this year you will be reading my blogs about me: pole dancing, dancing in a cage, ziplining, rock wall climbing, and traveling!

Ohh, I know - we should have a Sex in the City Party and watch the movie...and then the Glee party, sounds like costumes, characters and fun!


  1. I've been trying to get people to do a Sex and the City marathon party for forever! I've only ever seen like a handful of the shows and neither of the movies! Gah! So behind! :( lol

  2. Me, too. A secret -- I haven't seen the first SATC movie yet. Shhhh!