Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mini Me

This past weekend was incredibly busy for me and mini-me. Well, I was more like the taxi mom. I can honestly say that I'm glad that this weekend has past, but I'm so proud of Dove with all of her extra-curricular activities.

She's been in intense rehearsals for the musical, "Once Upon a Mattress," based off of "The Princess and the Pea." She auditioned for the Children's Theatre of Charlotte and was cast in this particular production. It was a small role, but one that kept her onstage throughout the play. She is too funny. When she came onstage, she spotted Shinell and myself and waved inconspicously to us. She was so excited. But, the whole time I tried not to look focus too much on her because as a theatre person, I didn't want her "breaking the fourth wall."

Later, she was onstage trying to give directions to another actor. Again, the drama in me was sitting there screaming to myself, "Stop it! Focus!" Amazingly, after watching me teach drama for years she still forgets the rudimentary fundamental - don't break character! But, she was cute!

Then, we rushed over to her final presentation at King's Daughters. It was an academy for girls and this year's theme was on the arts. Dove chose to focus on visual arts and it was such a cute event! KD girls danced, performed a skit and again, the visual arts gallery crawl. They also received certificates. I was thoroughly impressed.

But, I'm sooooo glad that this weekend is over! Whew! Did I mention that I am sooo proud of her!


  1. Please tell me why I was reading this blog and D laying in bed beside me..his comment "Hey that looks like you in that pic" he leans in to get a closer look & I am dying laughing.."oh that is you! lol..I am so proud of you, you are a great Mom. Nah is so blessed!

  2. Hilarious!!! Did you show him your pic on the bike?