Thursday, May 6, 2010

Last Night I was officially "Bad Azz"

I'm telling you the truth! I was really kick-azz! You don't believe me? Listen...

I busted it out at Angie's zumba class. Since I've made it into the instructor training, I've got to learn the routines as well as how to effectively teach them. Angie had me on the stage right along with her. I worked out so hard that I caught a cramp! But, I pushed through it like Superwoman breaking out of a He-Man grip! I'm a grown woman and mother and I don't quit - NEVER! Ruhh!

Then, I was off to Bike Night with my cousin Shinell and Darrell, her hubby. They're both bikers and I'm a wanna-be. (I've got to wait until I get efficient health coverage before I buy my motorcycle.) So, Shinell was on her bike and I rode with Darrell. After giving me a quick run down on how to ride with him, I was officially ready with helmet (via one of Darrell's extra "Scarface" painted helmets) and biker's jacket (via Shinell's Carolina blue). Yep, hot! All I was missing was biker gloves and my own bike, of course.

The gun of the engine, the rumble from the motor moved through my legs and my hands wrapped around to the front of the bike (I was taught where to rest my hands). And, we were off! It was more than exhilirating! It was everything that I imagined! Soaring free down the road, wind wrapping around us, bugs splatted on the helmet eye shield! Wow!!! How could I effectively play it cool in my "bad ass" mode with a huge 32-teeth grin. Thank goodness the helmet hid my kiddie smile, otherwise I'd lose a few cool points.

Shinell and I walked around looking at other bikes...greeting other bikers. Her and her hubby knows everybody! One of their friends promised to ride me next week, but with a name like "Buck Wild," I think I'll pass. My life is way too important than to be riding on the back of a bike with hell on wheels. Besides, Darrell took charge and said, "If it's not with me, then you can't ride. Too many wild riders out here." He's right, I'll stick in my comfort zone and keep it with family.

Oh, and everybody has a biker name...B-More, Platinum, Off the Chain, Uh-huh Chocolate, Diva, Drama Queen, etc. I would need a name to accurately reflect me...hmmm, I've gotta think about that one. Any suggestions?

We ended the night by riding downtown to a hot spot. While we were bad biker chicks, we watched all the girls (and very few guys) walking to the clubs. The funny thing was how they looked so uncomfortable in their stilletto's and mini-mini skirts/dresses. They looked hot, if that's what you like, but Shinell and I were way too cool and fine in our laid back jeans, sneakers and biker jackets. Yeahhhhh, Eeyyyyyy, Whooaaa! (Sounding like the Fonze from Happy Days.)

I loved the freedom of the bike. I know its dangerous because there were some folks who were riding crazy as I witnessed with my own eyes. But, I want to live life to the fullest. I deserve that. So, don't be surprised when you see me cruising on my Harley, not rushing to go anywhere, but looking cool. I might not wave, not because I'm too cool, but because I'll be keeping my eyes on the road.

PS...I admire the relationship between Shinell and her hubby so much. As we were about to leave downtown he said, "I'm glad I'm married. Even though these girls (guys) look good, you don't know if they have a disease or not." Yep, I said...because you can't tell by looking at the outside package, and that's for sure.

Stay true to your spouse and live life to the fullest with the one you love!


  1. I LOVED THIS POST! I was laughing so hard that David imitated me, "Mama, you are so loud! Bwahahah!!!" Your know should be Ghostwriter, Zumzum, etc. I'll keep thinking. LOL

  2. Ha! What a wonderful compliment! I truly appreciate that. *big chessy smile* But what was so funny?