Friday, May 28, 2010

Do all dreams have a meaning?

Or, just some of them. I'm going to be real. I've always been a vivid dreamer dating back to the sweet ages of youth. And crazy enough, I can remember some of my dreams. For instance:

I dreamed that the maternal side of my family had to die. And, these two white men offered a package from their company to help us all die at the same time. They'd build a huge fire and we could all walk into the fire together and die as a family. Well, the "Joneses" of my family, also known as the "credit card family," (see old blog "Folks are a trip" 3/16/10 - Sophia) bought their way out of death and allowed everyone else to die, even the matriarch, my Granny. I woke up bawling.

Another time, I dreamed that my brother was lost in Panama. I went over there in search of him and when I finally found him, he was in a room with other men. All of them were laying on cots and you could smell death in the air. My brother was nothing but a shell of a skeleton, skin on bones. I woke up bawling.

And, as I wrote in my book, I had years of dreams where I was fighting (fist fighting, guns, running, being chased) and in combat. All of the fights centered around my paternal grandparents home. In my book, I admitted to sexual abuse occurring in that house. I truly believe those dreams had a meaning because when I finally forgave my abusers, the dreams incredibly stopped. No more waking up bawling.

Now, on the flip side... I had dreams were I was hanging out with New Edition and you couldn't tell me nuthin! And, ohhh, there was this unforgettable dream where Maxwell (yes, the singer!) was romancing me in the bathtub. This was way back when he had that sexy afro! Mmmmm... Wonder what those dreams meant because Maxwell didn't come for me. And, as an official bonafide Candy Girl, I have to regrettably admit that I have yet to meet New Edition. (sad face)

So, if all dreams have a meaning then I wonder.... Hmmm... I'll secretly admit that this week I've been having some real naughty dreams. (Hey, don't judge me!) Do I have a secret fantasy that I'm not admitting to? Or, is it the change of seasons time and I'm going through the "heat" change like animals do? During spring/summer, our bodies change as the seasons change, no, I didn't look it up on the Internet, I'm just speaking from experience. And, maybe the dreams are just forecasting to me that the changes are coming.

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