Monday, May 24, 2010

Truth is...

"just a friend" is not "just a friend," but a "good friend." Tracee ragged on me this morning and made many comparisons on friendships with dudes. Friendships with dudes, as she puts it "is more plantonic." Me and my friend, are not as plantonic as I would have hinted to since we do go out and maybe share a peck (or two) on the lips. So, he's been upgraded to my good friend...nothing more so get off of my back!

Yesterday, you would have thought that we were an old married couple. Seriously, we've been friends for almost three years and it shows. Our theme was cleaning and home improvement. I helped him clean his hardwood floors, courtesy of the Shark steamer and steam clean his carpets. And, then off to Lowe's for the work to be done at my house.

My friend loved Lowe's. It is totally a man thing. I wanted to go there with the list and get out. He wanted to peruse the sale tables, "you just never know when you'll need this stuff." And, when we happened to walk down an aisle with fireproof safe's, he got a little too excited. I stood there for a few minutes, hoping that this too shall pass, but it didn't. Finally I blurted (in my old settled in tone of voice), "We didn't come here for that!" Another man passing chuckled at our bickering and as a true old man he whispered to the gentleman, "That's why I like to come here by myself." And, we even celebrated our sweet victory as we purchased vanity lights marked all the way down, by the loquacious manager herself, to $10 and $7. A sweet-to-good-to-be-true deal!

I do have to say that we worked well as a team. However, I was so tired and moody that at one point my only response to his fetish for thorough details was, "I don't care." But truth was, I did care...not so much about how many inches the framed mirror should be from the bottom of the mantle or what kind of lock to get to replace my old one...that didn't matter. But, I realized that I care about my friend.

Ughhhh...noooooo! What is the world coming to?! Have I really been in denial or is this a new revelation? Hmmmm....inquiring minds want to know.

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