Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Since this year is about firsts...

My friend and dance peer, Diana, reminded me to post some pictures. And, I thought I'd blog about it since it is a first for me. A year ago, my daughter decided to become a vegeratian. She just went cold turkey on me! I tried to do it, but the chicken biscuits at Chic-Fil-A kept calling my name. Finally I decided to stop cheating and to go ahead and commit to a new lifestyle. And since dairy doesn't like me (trust me, there is no love lost except for ice cream) I gave up it up as well.

There's plenty of options to eat for vegetarians/vegans, but it can be very expensive. What gets on my nerves is that if I wanted to sit on the couch and eat Little Debbie Oatmeal patties and Dorito's then I could eat within my budget. Heck, I could live off of the value meals at McDonald's and Wendy's! However, that's not me. Truth is, it doesn't cost much in the short term, but long term? Yep, you'll be paying a hefty price with doctor bills and pharmaceuticals because of diabetes, heart disease, high cholesteral and blocked arteries.

All of that to say...we added more to our healthy lifestyle by creating a raised garden bed. I'm dying to see my tomatoes and strawberries bloom. I can't wait for my garlic and sweet potatoes to harvest. Even now, I go grab a handful of basil, mint or parsley and add it to my meals. I love it.


  1. WHAT!? You don't have to give up ice cream! Get thee to Earthfare stat and pick up some Coconut Bliss. It's made out of coconut milk instead of dairy and even this not-lactose-intolerant chick loves the stuff! I blogged about it here: http://thechiclife.com/2010/01/power-toast-coconut-bliss.html if you want to see pictures. It's delish!

    Anywho, pictures look great! I can't wait to see more as your garden progresses! :)

  2. Oh folks, please check out Diana's blog - it is fantabulous! Recipes, reviews and more can be found on it.

    Thanks Diana!