Saturday, May 29, 2010

My firsts...

Okay, I had my first leg wax. All of my life I used the beloved razor. Well, that's not actually true. Growing up in Detroit, men loved hairy legs on women. Yep, my mom used to have big, hairy legs and men would always compliment her. Guys admired how my hair would lay down flat on my legs, all sexy like. It wasn't until I went off to college in Kentucky that I found that hairy legs were not sexy. So, that's when my love affair with razors began.

I wax my underarms, eye brows and upper lip (which I would absolutely love to get lasered!) So, I decided to try my legs. Well, to be truthful, when I worked in a day spa, I tried to wax my legs and underarms. I almost killed myself when that wax strip got stuck on my leg. What to do now? It was too late to stop, I had to keep going. I stood there sweating, gathering courage and sensibility on getting that stuck strip off of my leg! That was the last time I waxed my legs until recently. (Pictured: Octavia from "About Face" mobile spa, she does facials as well.)

Pros - After getting waxed, my legs were silky smooth, hairless and fabulous. And, I didn't have to shave my legs daily.
Cons - No one even noticed my beautifully smooth legs! And, it wasn't exactly pain free.

My other first? I had my first mohawk hairstyle! Yeah, Kesha worked her magic yet again as I sat down in her chair and put my trust in her styling abilities. She did her thang and I loved it! I asked my daughter, "Do I look like an old lady trying to be young?"

"No, I like it," she answered. Yeah, baby!

So many firsts this year! I love it!

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