Monday, February 8, 2010

Zizi's Vegan Restaurant

I received an email from Myrrh (like myrrh and frankincense) about the specials that he was having at his restuarant. I appreciated that my secret crush reached out to me, but I know that he had to include all the hundreds of others on his mailing list so that he wouldn't show favoritism. I totally get problem.

The other day I decided to take him up on his offer and when I got there, he was in the back being all mysterious. Lo' and behold, he had an international television show about veganism/vegetarianism there interviewing him. Now, let me put Myrhh aside for a second. While waiting for our food, Caroline introduced me to her station, And asked if she could interview us on being vegetarian. I declined, but Dove agreed. I'm telling ya'll, I was so proud of Dove for speaking so articulately and direct as she ansered the questions. My baby explained how, "...when we eat meat then we are ingesting the growth hormones and antibiotics that they inject in the animals..." Go Dove!

By this time, Myrhh came to the counter and watched the interview. He was impressed with her as well. Dove shared with the interviewer that, "my mother is a vegan, but I'm still a vegetarian because I like cheese." Caroline asked if she was willing to try some vegan cheese to see if they could be a supplement instead of what she's been eating. Dove agreed and without any prompting, Myrhh went to the back and brought out some vegan cheese that he uses and gave it to her. And, he went back a second time and brought out Tofutti cream cheese for her as well. I smiled...inside and out.

Thanks Myrhh for showing us a little definitely made me smile inside and out.


  1. I knew when I got the email that he really just wanted to send it to you, but he had to play it smooth. LOL

  2. Yeah, he sent me another one. But, this time I'll make him wait. You know...gotta make him miss me. LOL!