Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I used to envy Samantha Brown...

But now I don't. I love watching the Travel Channel and wished how I could have Samantha Brown's job. She gets to travel all over the world for free and all she has to do is talk about it. Latin America, Australia, Europe, and places where tourists never venture. Enjoy the experience as a Travel Reporter. Hmph! That's not all.

I watched her behind the scenes episode and realized that the saying "all that glitters is not gold" holds some truth with her job. For instance, I love pa treatments, but guess what? Her least favorite part of the job was getting massages. Why? Because there's several cameramen right in her face while she has to be halfway naked and act as if she was enjoying it. How can one relax while being filmed and explaining the whole experience? Good point, Samantha...thanks. I hadn't thought about that. (I just imagined my first massage experience and what it would have looked like if it was filmed. Check massage blog.)

Samantha has to face hear fears daily - which one of them is water. She always have to dive and snorkel. She even had a panic attack in 4 feet of water. Bless her heart. That has to be an awful feeling to always have to do something that you fear - sky dive, deep sea dive, etc.

She also talked about how she couldn't say "no" or refuse anything. Yeah, it would be rude to refuse a gift. Now, I love to experience different foods, but someone brought her a fried guinea pig and she had to taste it. Yuck! However, she liked that stuff that collects on the bottom of boats. In Latin America, they cut those shells off and apparently, there is meat in them. I couldn't have that job for that reason alone...how would guinea pigs fit in a vegatarian diet?

I didn't realized that she would be homesick. I guess I never calculated how much time she would be away from home. Yeah, there are some wonderful aspects of the job, but like any other job, there are some things that makes you go, "What the heck?" But, according to Samantha, all of the cons do not outweigh the pros because she "has the best job in the world."

That's what I want to have...the feeling of having the best job ever. Once you love what you do, you will be passioante about it. Any job worth dreaming about is definitely worth having.

Let me dream big!

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