Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I can tell I'm getting older because...

1. What used to never hurt, now hurts. I'm telling the truth! I had a little tiny spot in the joint of my thumb that felt weird. Then over the course of a few month it grew to the point where it pained me to just bend it. Now, where the heck does a thumb pain comes from? I searched all over the internet trying to diagnose my issue. But, guess what? There was nothing concerning the particular area where my thumb hurt! AND, I thought I just made my hip sore during Zumba or possibly one of my work out tapes. Surely, if that was the case it would have eased up by now. But, noooooo....this little hip soreness has maintained its presence. What is that about? When I was in my 20s that little soreness would have been long gone. Ugh!

2. And, I used to get over a cold or bug in about a week's time. But, as I grow older the cough from the icky bug lingers on forever. I missed Zumba dancing at the Bobcat's game this month because of a yucky bug so the least it could do is be good to me and completely leave my system. But noooooo, is that too much to ask? It is trying to make a comeback like an old retired ball player. I've got something for it because I'm a fighter - well, a lover and a fighter - and I'm resisting growing older.

3. You know how our grandparents and parents used to collect S&H green stamps? Yeah, I remember the days that they got prizes and stuff from those stamps. I just realized that I'm favoring their old ways about their stamps. I've haphazardly been collecting game pieces for Rite Aid's Game of Life. Today, I purchased regular items plus some cold medicine that advertised "Bonus Game Piece." The lady at the register only game me one game piece. "Uh excuse me, you owe me another game piece. I've got a bonus item..." She insisted that I only get one. Okay, my old lady came out and I became all about the principal. I went on the online and check the rules and determined that I was right! I then called back the store and spoke with the duty manager and she remembered me, and insisted that I only get one game piece. No way! I want my game pieces for my bonus item!!! I called another store and they agreed that I should have gotten more and I politely went to get my stamps...I mean, uhhh, game pieces. What? Don't judge me...it's growing pains!

4. Okay, my cousin's husband asked, "How many boyfriends you have now...you've slimmed down and looking great." He added that to attract more men then I would need to get some fitted skinny jeans and some high heeled shoes because "men love to see high heeled shoes. It does something for the legs and figure." Yeah, yeah...I heard that before. But now that the weekend is here and the CIAA tournament is upon me, there is no way that I am going to be walking down Trade St. in some stiletto shoes! I value the arch in my feet and all I can think is "Man, that's not comfortable. You know what that'll do to your feet as you get older? Bone spurts!" Yeah, I sound like my Granny. "Cover you knees, you don't want that cold settling in your bones...arthritis will getcha!"

5. Yeah, and lastly, gray hair is popping up everywhere. I never really saw it in my head before, but now its being intertwined in my locs. I bet Kesha is planting them in there because it seems to be happening so suddenly. Plus, I've seen them in my eyebrows! My eyebrows!! And, (taking a deep breath) I've got them in other places, too. And, that's all I'm saying on that subject.

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  1. #4-Discomfort is for 20 year old idiots that don't value their back, leg, and foot health. Stilettos are made to walk into a room make all the other women jealous, make your husband sweat, and then go sit your ol' butt down and take them thangs off ASAP. Trust me I know. LOL
    #5-Gray might be contagious because I have them in the same areas...well not my eyebrows. LOL