Saturday, February 6, 2010

Choose Happiness

I have to admit, my last few blogs have been dreary with drama from my family. However, its important for me to not get stuck in a rut of negative emotion. Hence, this blog...

Jim, a good friend of mine, shared with me how he traveled all the way to his doctor's office for his appointment only to find that he was there on the wrong day. The scheduler wrote 2/1/10 instead of 2/11/10 on his appointment reminder card. He left there irritated for having to take time out of his schedule to find that he would have to redo it all over again. As he was walking back home, he saw an old lady with a bright smile. She was waiting at the crosswalk in her wheelchair and missing her legs. He thought, "here I am holding on to irritation and complaints while this lady without legs is sitting here smiling." Jim quickly gave himself a reality check and chose to change his mood to one of gratitude.

That reminded me of an episode of Monk. One of the episodes, Lieutenant Randy Disher took a group of kids on a camping trip. Monk was miserable out in nature with bugs and all of his other fears. He asked Disher how he could remain to stay upbeat with mosquitoes and gnats, etc. Disher replied, "I saw a bumper sticker that said 'Choose Happiness' and realized it was a choice. And, I decided to choose happiness."

It's that simple. I know it is possible because when I went to Guatemala, I saw families without electricity, games, luxuries, outside bathrooms, etc. smiling as they waited for hours as the medical team provided needed assistance. Village after village I saw women/children/men happy without toys, name brand clothes, luxury cars, and status standing content with the little that they have.

If you don't believe me, watch how the children of Haiti are singing and making their own toys out of cardboard, string and other what-nots that they find in the street. Watch them sing and play as they choose to be happy even in the midst of devastation.

Today, I will not let others affect my emotions. Today, I will choose happiness.

This is one person who always chooses happiness. She lets things just flow. Her smile makes me happy.


  1. I love this. I choose peace and balance.

  2. Isn't is simple, but yet profound? It's a choice.