Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My bucket list for age 40

1. I want to wear a bikini by my birthday. I tried on my a bra and panty set tonight to see how close I was to my goal. Heck, I've been working out and done a few sit-ups (my ego was obviously speaking over reason). Yeah...let's just say that I've got some work to do before I go bikini shopping.

2. One of the two times that I was sent to camp, I experienced some risk-taking-fear-facing challenges. One of them were zip lines and now that I've found that there are zip lines here in NC, I'm adding it to my list.

3. Learn to swim. I know, I know! I've heard it all before but no, I don't know how to swim! I've been in the pool with friends and all I could do was stand in the 4 ft. section. Whateva! And no, it wasn't fun being the only person in flight attendant training breaking down (with anxiety) in the pool as we simulated emergency water landings.

4. Learn to ride a motorcycle. I have too many friends fighting me on this objective that I may have to postpone it. "It's too dangerous." Yeah, I know...I've heard. But, I still daydream of me riding through the countryside on my Honda Shadow.

Okay, I need to think bigger. My bucket list has to be more risk taking like parasailing, riding in a hot air balloon (I'm not skydiving so forget that!), try out for America's Next Top Model (short models edition), stalk Oprah to get on her show, meet President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, deliver a baby...yeah, stuff like that.

Let me revise my bucket list and see if I can get more daring. Life is too short for me to hold back. I know, because the year pass by as if it were only two months long -- and 40 would be here before I know it.

Father time please stop for just a second.


  1. First of all you are too young and healthy for a bucket list, but why wait until old and sick right? Well, I think that you should just do what I do. I take every opportunity to try new things. If I feel like dancing in public I do. If I laugh too loud I don't cover my mouth or apologize. I say just try life. Stop and look at the things around you. Interact with the people around you and don't ever let embarrassment or people stop you. I just want to really LIVE before I die. I can help you with the swimming thing this summer on homeschool days at Ray's if you want. Oh, and if you want to ride a motorcycle do it and get some sexy leather pants, hooker boots, and a corset to go with it! Girl you better live, you only get one shot. Don't ever allow a moment to pass and you look back in old age and regret that you didn't take a chance.

  2. I had to burst out laughing! I just love you! I will get my sexy leather pants...hooker boots? That sounds good. Live life! Live hard. Like the dude in Rihanna's song: "Go hard or go home." Live it to the fullest! Thanks for the song!

  3. I think that is a pretty decent "Things 2 Do" list I agree with JustLocs that u r 2 young 4 a bucket list. West Charlotte H.S. has swim lessons. I will send it 2 you on Facebook.