Friday, February 5, 2010

I'm getting too old -

for drama! Whether it be in my family, relationships, friendships, or on the job. It doesn't matter where it comes from, but I do know that I'm getting too damn old for it.

My life is simple with just my daughter and me. We laugh, do school work, workout...just live simply. Over the recent years I have had drama at my job, Bank of America until depression paralyzed me and I could no longer work for the company. I had a little misunderstanding with a friend. There has also been drama with family members when my Grandmother decided to relocate to the South. And, unfortunately I have new drama and it is killing me.

Drama disrupts my thoughts and distracts me from what is really important in my life like completing my manuscript, creativity, and happiness. It drains me of laughter as everyone fights for the last word to just "get it off their chest." That's just too damn much.

I'd rather snuggle in the warm spot in my bed and watch drama unfold on the television. The Housewives of Atlanta provide plenty of drama. As a matter of fact, they are way too old for drama. They are 40 plus years old and fight, gossip, complain, fake nice and spit venom behind each other's backs. Ugh, because NeNe brought the drama and I couldn't stand her for being so fake and trying to play Kandi! And, I felt for Kandi having drama at home with her man and mama. And, I was on the edge of my seat watching the almost cat fight between Kim and the narcissitic chic that thinks everyone is intimidated by her success (yeah right!)Yeah, let them handle mess because they're getting paid for it. Plus, they get to be treated like celebrities.

There are too many television shows based on drama. Pick any reality show: I love New York/Flava Flav, Survivor, America's Next Top Model, For the Love of Ray J, etc. They all have a method to their madness, a goal that they are shooting for like money, fame, or fraudulent love.

But me? I'm like Mary J. Blige, I don't want "No More Drama" unless a major network contacted me for their show and I'm getting paid for it on national television. But then, there still has to be some guidelines because even some of that drama is not good.

This makes me think? Are we really ever too old for drama? And, when is enough enough?


  1. You are too old for drama once you graduate high school, maybe even college (if you go directly after high school). Enough drama is when you have had the initial conversation about said drama. After the initial conversation that is too much. When it begins to affect other areas of your life it's too much. IMHO