Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's

Today is Valentine's Day. Yesterday I got an early Valentine wish from a college friend, Art. Then several text Valentine messages: my ex-husband, a highschool friend who found me on FB admitting he had a crush on me, mom mom, another friend, "just my friend", Art, and a friend who wants to take me to Vegas (all in that order).Thanks to all... I missed the days before texting when people actually communicated. Texting takes out the personal touch and makes you do only enough to keep in touch.

What happened when guys impressed girls? Remember back in the day when dudes used to make a tape of songs for his girl to express his feelings? It's nothing more exciting that putting in that cassette and hearing Roger blare "Girl, I wanna be your man..." through the speakers ending with "Make It Last Forever" with Keith Sweat. That's ol' skool romance.

Yeah,  I won't reflect on the ol' skool memories too long since folks have matured and progressed from thinking out of the box. But, I sure do miss the way that we expressed our feelings back when we were younger. Yep, today was Valentine's Day.

Tomorrow is my brother's birthday. He would be turning 41 if he was still alive. I sure do miss him. I would call him if he was still alive, instead of texting him. Man, I wish I could hear his voice just one more time so that I could tell him that I love him. I'm sorry...I can't do this right now. I never knew how much it would hurt to never see him or my daddy ever again. This is not where I wanted this blog to go. I can't stop crying right now. I didn't know that these feelings were so close to the surface. I'm sorry...I can't stop crying right now...just tell someone you love them.

My brother, Bryant.


  1. You said something really profound here. If today were the last time you were able to express yourself to someone, should it be a text? Oh, Titus and I don't even have text and he did make CD's for me. The first thing he ever gave me was before we were even talking on the phone was a jazz CD. Sis, those guys are still out there. Many times we have to expect more from them. Mine was raised by his grandparents so I was really blessed, because he was raised super 'ol school.
    Sorry you are hurting so much over your losses, but I am so glad that you had the time with them that you did and that you retained the capacity to keep on loving.

  2. I had a moment. I don't think I really allowed myself to mourn because I had to keep pushing, working and moving esp. as a single mom. So, it hits me and then I think, "why am I crying, silly?" So, I brush it off and keep moving, like this particular day.