Monday, March 29, 2010

My real purpose of this blog

...was to chronicle my journey and discoveries during this year as I turn forty in September. I wanted to share my firsts with you all as well as my leaps of faith and new adventures. This was supposed to encourage me to do these new things to have an interesting life to blog about, not that my life isn't interesting enough, but I need to recapture some of what I lost.

(My first ever legendary Michael Jackson and Prince Party with Keistar Productions in NY!)
Looking back, I used to jump out on faith without a parachute! Okay, I want to move to New York for acting school - did it without a dime! Okay, I'll become a flight attendant, but I've only been on a plane once or twice - what the heck, do it! I just did things and guess what? It all worked out and I've done things that many people wouldn't have the opportunity to have done. But, some of that risk taking has evaporated when I became a mother. However, it is now time to reclaim me, my life and this moment!

It is time to reinvest in living life to the fullest. I enjoy reading updates on folks on Facebook. They hop around to different states visiting friends. Have themed parties and get-togethers. Who says that once you're a parent and over thirty-something that these things have to stop? Not me! It doesn't!

This year, I won't turn up my nose to opportunities to be in the moment! This is my goal to reclaim that newness and the joy of exploring and discovering from the small moments to the heart-bursting-through-my-chest moments. From catching a matinee by myself (which I used to do) to sharing a glass of wine while I paint pottery (which I enjoy painting) to test driving my Mustang GT to a bikini wax (which I'm not sure if I want someone that close to my cookies). And, the festivities will begin next week as we plan to enjoy time off for spring break (Kesha get ready) from rock climbing to zip lining to hiking the mountains to riding through the mountains to parasailing when we go on our cruise this year.

I want to do it all!

My first to share with you all - I tried on swimsuits and got my first ever tankini! No, not quite ready to put on a bikini - lookahere, baby steps! Okayyyyy!

(My first ever face painting as an adult, pictured with my mom who has her face painted as well.)


  1. Love it.We get so caught up in life, and doing for our kids, we forget about ourselves. Thanks for reminding me, we need to take time for ourselves. I am going to plan a trip TONIGHT!

  2. Yes, do that!!! And come back and tell us what you're doing.