Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Folks are a trip!

So, I was visiting my Granny yesterday and went to check her mail. I saw an envelope from my aunt, Sophia, whom I previously blogged about. As my Granny opened her different packages, she finally opened the one from Sophia. "Oh, she sent me the email that you sent her." What?! "Oh, she's trying to tell on me," I thought to myself. I said more in my mind, but that's the jist of it.

Let me remind you of the situation. My Granny moved here from Detroit for the warmer climate. Aunt Sophia planted that seed in her mind and even talked her into getting a two-bedroom apartment (instead of a Senior's Residence) so that she (Sophia) could room with her or have available for when she wanted it, I guess. Anyway, she had me to believe that she was moving in as well during the warmer climates and then going back to Detroit. (She was my bestest friend in the whole wide world as I helped get things set up.) However, she hasn't been down her but once, for a few days. So, out of concern for my Granny, I emailed her. See below the first email I sent which went unanswered:

Hi Sophia,
 I told Granny that I was going to email you with her needs because I know that you gave your word to her to move in with her. As I assisted you in getting Granny set up in the apartment, I do know it was your intention to move in with her for at least several months. But, for whatever reasons you haven't been able to keep your intentions to her. I informed Granny that I will not be able to assist her in the coming weeks and will let you know as well. You will have to know that my schedule has been increased and Granny will be needing assistance. As I have found, you have been concerned that Granny didn't have food and was upset because of this, so you might want to see to it that you or your resources can be sure that your concerns are met, if my assistance hasn't been meeting your standards.

I have printed this email out for Granny as well, so that she can be aware of the situation and truly understand that I will not be able to make it to her often and her livelihood should be a team effort.You may feel free to email me, if needed. I don't think you have called me since we spoke about the move with Derrick, but that is an option option also. But, I'm sure that you will speak with Granny directly about my concerns and I'm open for dialogue with all of you to ensure that she is well taken care of.

I felt the need to inform Sophia that I would tell Granny and print the email out for her, because I know how controlling and tattle-taling, or uh, loquacious she could be. This email worried her so much that she constantly asked my Granny if she read the email. So, lo and behold, she told on me and printed the email and sent it to her herself. What aggravated me beyond the fruits of the spirit,was that she had the unlitigated gall to mark it up with red ink with her personal comments like, "This is when she emailed me after emailing..." Which was totally made up because she doesn't know what I do!

I am so done with her and I told my Grandmother so. I said, "I now understand why folks don't like her. I see clearly why they can't stand to be around her or talk to her." Of course, that opened the door for an hour of lecture on forgiveness and how Jesus wants us to be more like him. I know...easier said than done. "I'll forgive her but I ain't got to deal with her!" I said that under my breath because I didn't want another hour's worth of lecturing.


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