Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Married Life...

So, I had an old friend, or ex, or whatever you want to call it, visiting me last weekend. Well, business brought him here, but our friendship prompted us to hang out for the weekend. It was a pleasure to have the testosterome around the house, laughing and talking. Then I noticed the cup left on the cocktail table...then after the first night I noticed that he waited for me to bring him his dinner plate...I noticed another cup left on a dresser...the dishes left in the sink from breakfast brought out a swarm of ants...water running for a long period of time as he shaved his head and I have to pay the water bill as a single mother without a stable income...and ahhhhhh!!!!! What the heck! Wait a minute!

I called Shinnell and said, "He's doing this and this..." And her reply, "Uh, what do you expect? You said you wanted to be married and that's what you would have to deal with. I fix and bring my husband his mom still picks up after my dad..." Eeyeww! Okay breathe..."Is this what it is really like?"

Oh, I got it. Maybe I noticed these things because he's a friend and not someone I'm in love with...maybe that's it? Could that be the reason why I noticed the little happenings? Or, lord help, am I really not marriage material? Which is fine because I really want to go to graduate school and finish my manuscript without the distraction of a husband who would sit there and wait for me to bring his dinner plate and leave cups everywhere for the ants to come until I pick them up!


  1. LOL. I often wonder the same thing.

  2. Uh, that's married life if that's the kind of man you marry. My husband doesn't do all that. Lesson: Don't marry somebody who does that when you are dating/entertaining because it will get worse or at least seem like it as time passes. If you go in expecting that kind of behavior that is exactly what you will end up with.