Monday, March 1, 2010

Adventures of the CIAA

It's funny how one weekend out of the entire year you'll find downtown (uptown) Charlotte overwhelmed with Black folks. CIAA brings Black folks from all over and truth be told, I have never heard of it until I moved here. And, it was busting with folks so much that the Fire Department shut down the Epicentre several times during the weekend.

However, since I am footloose and fancyfree, I ventured out this weekend. A friend of mine reserved a hotel room at the Hilton and invited me to partake, which I did. The weekend found me out and about mingling and meeting so many different people. There were day and night parties hosted by celebrities and organizations, which was found all around downtown. Thank goodness for connections because I didn't have to spend any money. And, since I'm on a serious budget, the malls did not find me trying to get my CIAA skinny jeans and stilettos. I went as me: dredlocked, natural, fun loving, congenial me. And, let me let you in on a little secret, that was all that was needed. I didn't need anything fancy to strike up conversations to meet folks.

It was amazing to get so many compliments in one weekend. That last time I got so many compliments was when I went on a cruise and half of them wanted to marry me, I'm guessing for citenzenship. Hmmm?  Darn, I hope I don't have to wait another year to rake in the compliments again. Anyway, after hopping around from place to place trying to stay out of the cold, the night found my friend and I in a nice chill spot. I met some very cool dudes and even played a few games like Scrabble. Can you believe we played board games during a hot event like CIAA and it was a blast. One dude kept teasing me, "Gurl, you are smart!" Yes, I do read a lot. What was so funny, I guess the new come-on  is for a guy to "read" a girl. Several times during the night I got "read." "You're very artistic, aren't you?" or "You look like you're a vegetarian," or "You are well-read, aren't you?" It was hilarious and entertaining.

I truly enjoyed having fun without all the bedazzle and sore feet. I couldn't help but wonder if my sista's would ever be free to just be? Women and girls were walking around outside with short halter dresses and stiletto sandals (you heard me right, sandals!)without a coat and it was freezing! I like to act ya'll, but those females earned an Oscar because they acted as if it was 85 degrees. They weren't even shaking from the cold! That was amazing to me. One lady said, "When has it become a trend for Black women to look so whorish?" I'm not sure when, but there were so many sista's not exhibiting self-worth or value. Literally, I cannot articulate how many vagaygay's I almost saw because of the skirts being too short. Or, how many lumps in their bodies that the stretch leggings didn't hide.

Anyway, I digress...I had an adventure this weekend and was so pleased to get out of the house and meet so many wonderful folks. (sigh) What could be next on my adventure list? :)

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