Sunday, April 4, 2010

I'm so tired...

Why do I, year after year, wait until the last minute to work on my taxes?! I hate this procrastination thing I have going on. My eyes are burning, my head is pounding and it's only been 17 minutes into the process! No, just kidding, it's been more like an hour, but still... This kind of paperwork is not for creative souls.

So, I'll be retiring soon. I'm tired.

Oh yeah, I talked to my mom today. She's excited because we're going on a cruise in the fall - me, her and Dove. I'm giddy, too. I've purchased two tankini's, not quite ready for a bikini. I hope we can go parasailing and snorkeling on our trip. Anyway, she wants to get her navel pierced. Ha! That would be something to see. She's twice a grandmother and going to get her belly-button pierced - go head! Hmmm...maybe I should one up her? I'll get my navel pierced and another tattoo. Hmmm...naw, just kidding. I'm not that competitive.

Yesterday, I was a tad bit too competitive as I went to Queen City Dancing Queen's "Make It A Party" Dance workshop. All those who wanted to be a better instructor or even audition to be an instructor with QCDC attended (as well as those who just wanted to attend). I wanted to show my stuff and each time I tried to shine, I messed up. Hilarious! I started on the wrong foot, mirrored incorrectly, etc. As sorors said when we pledged back in college, "Oh, you're trying to be like Windex and shine." Well folks, yesterday I streaked! Too funny...

Well, my eyes are burning and I'm tired so PEACE!


  1. Its like that sometimes when you try too hard. You end up putting extra pressure on yourself.

  2. I totally agree! But, I think I add the extra pressure even without trying too hard. :)

  3. I'm just glad that you finally have admitted that you are competitive. LOL Girl, just have fun! Glad you'll be going on a cruise soon. I'm still nagging Titus for 3 tattoos and getting my nose pierced. So far it's a go on the tattoos, but a no-go on the nose. LOL I'm the youngest child so I'm going to wear him down. ;)

  4. Alicia I hope you ladies have a great time on your cruise. You are really doing your thang this year! I love it. You are an inspiration.