Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sorry, it's been a minute...

I have been a little busy and a tad bit tired lately and haven't been updating my blogs. I've been going to bed a little earlier to get up a lot earlier and I still felt like I need a nap! Like right now, I'm yawning. (Go away, sandman! Ugh!) Like I was saying...uh, what was I saying again?

I'll just update a few things that I've been up to:

1. Saturday morning, I cooked breakfast of pancakes, cooked apples/raisins and veggie bacon. Since Dove and I were on our way to her last perfomance with her performance troupe and cutting it close with time, I decided to wash dishes when I got back. And, lo and behold, when I arrived home there were a gazillion ants in my kitchen to welcome me. I freaked and cleaned out everything! The nerve of them ants barging in and not helping with the mortgage, ugh!

2. I just read a book called, The Help. It was a good read as it exposed the lives, thoughts and deeds of the Southern white women toward their Black maids. The author is white and yet she was able to capture the voice and energy of the Black maids extremely well. It made me wonder what type of life I would have held and what I would have been like if I lived in that day and age? Would I bear a spitfire like Minny or a passive maid with inner strength like Abiliene? And, it made me look around at my African-American friends and caucasian sisters and wonder what if they were living during that time period, what character would best represent them? Would they be strong to stand against their peers and be true like Skeeter or go along with the popular person for fear of being ostracized by Miss. Hilly and her league? By the way, I absolutely loved the creativity of the author's use of similies. (I'm going to write a few down as a reference until I can afford the Queen's College Master of Creative Writing program - unless I get a sponsor.)

3. I saw the movie, Brooklyn's Finest. Yeah, what a waste of time and money. The previews are so much more than the movie. I loved Don Cheatle and always do, but the movie was a flop, in my opinion. I would say more about them killing everyone off and shooting them in the back (who shoots in the back, but cowards? and, how many times in one movie should characters be shot -in the back?), but I don't want to spoil it for you. I'll just say, the characters weren't allowed opportunities to show their redeeming qualities, and that sucks!

4. I saw my ex-husband and was able to spend a moment with him. (Yes, I was briefly married years ago.)And, just as I thought, I don't love him anymore. I like him as a person and love him as a friend, but I don't have any feelings for him. I know that he has them for me and I've told him time and time again that I can't reciprocate them. Sometimes I wondered if I had been only lying to myself and have lied so long that I believed it, but it is absolutely true that the feelings for him are long gone. But, unfortunately, I don't think that he believes me.

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