Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You are fabulous!

As I was preparing for a night of "get-togethers" with friends, I labored over what to wear. Skinny jeans slipped over my thighs and buttoned around my waist. Shimmied in my black top that was sassy and flirty. Heels, yes indeed, but wait, do I want to wear them all night? Heck naw! For who or whom, shall I say? How about ballerina shoes, yep, that's much more practical and comfortable.

Twist and turn in the mirror and hold up, wait a minute? Where did that come from? That bloated belly protuding out around my waist! How could that be? Have I had too much sodium? I thought about stuffing myself into my Body Magic (lose three inches instantly) girdle, but I didn't feel like sweating and fighting with that thing. Nor did I want to wear it all night long, in case someone tried to hug me, you know? So, I put on a fake girdle, but it didn't do much. Ugh!

Later, as some of us ladies gathered to eat and network, we stood talking about liking ourselves, or bodies in particular. Yes, we could stand around and wish we had someone else's abs, lean legs, toned arms, apple bottom bootie, but why? Why focus on what you don't have and just love what you do? We all agreed. I for one, am getting too old and sexy to be worried about what I don't have instead of taking my days and loving my natural locs, wide smile, short waist, and nice legs...the good and the things I'd change when I was young and insecure. Shucks, I work out too hard and lived through too much to not be loving all of me!

On a side note, ever wonder how big women get all the men? I look at my cousin (pictured left) who is a big woman, but has no problem getting guys. Why? A lot of them are so confident in their own skin. Look at Mo'Nique! We can gleen that confidence from them.

Anyhoo, as the night progressed. Another woman was talking about how her co-worker dresses upscale at work as if she is fresh off of the set of Sex in the City. She said, "She would be the fabulous side of me," as if she could choose an alter ego. A friend responded simply, "No, you're the fabulous side of you."

I like that. "I'm the fabulous side of me."


  1. I really enjoyed this and I really needed to read it. Thank you.

  2. Thank you...just as I needed to blog it. We have to remind ourselves that we are fabulous. There's no need to compare ourselves to others.