Friday, April 9, 2010

Glad I'm Single...

I know, I know...this is a far cry from my previous blogs. But, I am glad because I'm enjoying the journey of newness that I'm embarking on this year. I would hate to have someone hold me back or limit me in any way, especially in the name of love.

But, the real reason why I'm glad that I'm single? Shucks, I would have to cut a fool for some of the things these men are doing today. Seriously, you would see me on the Oxygen channel being featured on an episode of Snapped.

It's bad enough that Tiger Woods went full out with his scandal of cheating with numerous women. He lacks diversity in his selection, but that's another blog. Anyhoo, he was dipping out of his marriage for a long time during their short commitment. I'd be darn if I had to get an HIV test because of a cheating husband! And, talk about getting tested...check out the chicks Jesse James was cheating with. Poor Sandra Bullock...

I mean these women were probably giving their all or at least staying faithful. And, to have the wool pulled over their eyes, come on! I know how it feels, trust me. I found my ex with his arms around another girl smiling boldly and proudly on his MySpace page. He didn't cop out with a sex-addiction excuse, he just denied the whole thing altogether. "Um, she just showed me how to build a page, that's all..." Puhlease, you build freakin' computers, give me a break, bruh. That, too, is another blog.

Oh, I, the blog...the man with the charming smile, Tiki Barber, ex-NFL player left his pregnant wife of twins for a 23-year old intern! Come on, he walked away from a woman who has been by his side since college for a young, 23 year old. Are you serious, Tiki!? Really? What do you all talk about? Nothing, because you wouldn't have anything in common...well except...any-hoo...

And, remember the modelesque beauty from The Jamie Foxx Show, Garcelle Beauvis? Yeah, her husband had been dipping out for five years before he was just recently caught. And, they have a set of twin boys that will now be caught in the scandal. But, Garcelle got a little bit of revenge by blasting his affair via email to all his co-workers. It's not much, but it could have eased a little bit of her pain. No, not really...there's no justice there.

Is sex really worth walking from a relationship? Or, is it sex or not? I really need to know why do people put a solid relationship at risk like that? Not only their relationships and families, but their health? Hello, HIV is very much active! If you've got the answer, please tell me. Otherwise, I'll be watching Oxygen to analyze the snapping point of these women.

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  1. Girl, don't even get me started! I don't think it's the sex though. That is just a convenient excuse since we are all socialized to believe that men are more influenced and led by their sex drive than women - I am not so sure that is even true, but that's what we all seem to think. And, think about it, these are certainly not women who most men would consider unattractive who you referenced being cheated on by their respective partners.

    I think most men feel emasculated by the true strength of women. We are stronger, there is no doubt, although some argument about that still remains. But, our strength used to be this "behind the scenes" sort of thing, you know, "behind every great man, blah, blah, blah..." Now, when women save the day, overachieve or carry the family (and the carrying the family thing is just about ALWAYS!!!), it's right there in everyone's face. Men may be physically stronger than woman in some ways, but emotionally and psychologically they are weak - there I said it on your blog!! OMG!!! I guess growing up with a wonderful and loving, yet essentially passive father made me see that. Or maybe that was just my experience, but I think that even if your father was a tyrant, he was that because he was constantly trying to be better than the women in his life...and failing, of course.

    I don't know, I'm not a PhD, but I do know that we rarely see famous couples splitting up because the woman has a sex addiction. Now, the women on "Snapped" are generally pretty silly to think they can kill someone and actually get away with it and some of them have cheated on their partners, who knows the motivation, but I think women cheat because they feel neglected emotionally and/or are just plain bored, whereas men do it to prove something to themselves and the world...

    Anyway, I have said for years now that my generation of women was sold the "big lie" - you know, the you-can-have-it-all lie - the career, the husband, the kids, the house, etc, etc. Sure, you CAN have it all, you will just have to work your ass off for it and basically do EVERYTHING. You know - work, take care of your spouse, raise the kids, take care of the house, the finances, the, well, everything! From the outside it will look like the man is "helping" but in most cases, the reality is that he still gets promoted over the woman in the workplace AND makes more money and he really is no different than all the generations of men before him on the homefront. Oh, that's right, we are supposed to be impressed by the guy who works, mows the lawn AND can manage once in awhile to cook dinner, do some laundry and take care of his own kids - wow, he must be Superman who something!

    I think this is why I hear so many young women these days question marriage and children for themselves, because they have seen their mothers live that lie and they don't see that the men of their generation are any different either. We haven't become liberated - instead we've just been given more to do along with the pressure of doing it all perfectly! Hence, back to my first conclusion that men are emasculated by us. Because society has made it near impossible for us and we seem to manage to do it anyway without mass murdering people (men usually do that), being a serial killer (men usually do that), ditching family and responsibilities for a piece of ass (men usually do that, too still) or whining, whining, whining (and, yes, despite men thinking we women talk too much about nothing, they can out-whine us any day!). Hell, if I was a guy, I'd probably feel pretty emasculated, too, but tough! They usually reap the benefits financially of having powerful, successful strong wives/partners so they need to start developing ways to deal with it that DON'T involve screwing around!

    OK, enough said...