Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's On!!!

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear
What could I do if it were not for fear?
Would I climb the highest mountain
or swim across the sea?
I have desires in my heart to try, oh,
so many things
To live life to the fullest and not
just in my dreams.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear
Woulda', coulda', shoulda' is our worst enemies
But mark my words this very day that
I will, I'll try and I must will
definitely lead my way.

I just made that up. :)

Auditions to teach with Queen City Dancing Queen was this week. I built all this nervous energy inside of me for no reason. I could do this! I've been dancing my heart out for the past year several times a week. But, fear was trying to paralyze me and honestly, I had nothing to fear (but fear itself and that's the truth.)

After my private audition on Monday, all auditionees were going to have to audition in front of a live class on Friday. We all would see who our competitors were. Although I believe that there is no competition in the spiritual world, what is meant for you will be for you. Being a spiritual person, I truly believe that if it is meant for you then forces will align correctly to make things work in your favor. Hmph! And, even while knowing this in my heart, I had the nerve to allow trepidations to creap in my spirit.

Well, enough of that. I did it! I auditioned and I rocked it! I danced to Boro Boro (a bhangra song) and Church by T-Pain. And, I took 'em to church as I pumped, jumped, shook my booty and all that! (See my blog about the Alvin Ailey dancers).

Everyone will know by April 30th if they're accepted in the instructor training program for QCDC. Stay tuned.


  1. Alicia, you are such a great blogger and storyteller. I have enjoyed reading every post. I am proud of you and the way you are traveling (even with a little fear) through this journey. Keep it up, sistah. You are fabulous!!!