Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Round Two...

It was so nice to get an invitation to go out with the agenda already planned. It minimizes the debating and deliberating time. That's how it is with E-Boogie (Erica). She's like, "We're going to the Charlotte Roller Derby and then dancing. Boom." The emphasis on the boom meant that it's all settled. And, I'm like, "Cool." Only thing I had to debate and deliberate about was what to wear - cute yet comfortable. I settled on some skinny jeans, red-hot Nike dance shoes and a cute tee with a picture of Paris.

I love a good Girls Night Out. I really do. Well, that's kind of a rhetorical statement because who doesn't like a good night out with the chica's. Erica, her old friend, and her roomie, LaToya, in tow was seated front and center at the Charlotte Roller Derby. It was so much fun! Really, it is a good outing to take your daughters to as an empowering event. Those women were working the floor and the skates. And, all I thought was, I really want to wear a roller derby outfit - so hot! Well, that's not all I was thinking as I was screaming at the Philadelphia team as they tried to bully our Charlotte girls off the track. I'll keep my actual thoughts to myself.

The night followed with my cousin, Lena, joining us. She drove all the way from Greensboro in her convertible Sebring - with the top down, of course - for a cage experience. I love her. Gotta love a person who loves to laugh. And, also we were joined by a young (really young) cutie pie (and his friend) that Erica met at the pool. So, the group of us went out eating and dancing. And that's when the fun actually began again...

We worked that dance floor like it was going out of style! We held it down as we dropped it low. And, not to mention - the cage. Yep, I did it again for the second time. I owned that cage once again and of course, had to share it with the cage virgins - since I'm a pro at it and stuff. And, when LaToya managed to have the DJ play my song request, Pony by Genuwine, that's when I cut up. You couldn't tell me that I wasn't filming a music video. (I had to put the word music in front of video to make sure ya'll knew where I was going with the video comment. Just forget it, ugh!)

Seriously, I faced my fears of dancing in front of everyone in an isolated place. Yeah, I know I teach dance fitness, but I mean dancing and trying to tap into the inner sexiness. We women want to feel sexy, look sexy and embody sexiness...confidence. That's why I wanted to dance in the cage. I'm sure there are other ways to do it, but that was one of the ways that I chose to display my freedom of announcing to the world -and myself - I like me, the way I look (except in a bikini) and feel.

All I have to say is - I cannot wait for my actual birthday celebration. It will be delicious!

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