Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Good, Bad and Ugly

As the months creep by and the magical age is coming closer and closer, I've discovered a few more things about life. Some of it is good, and some, well...are less desirable.

The Good -

*The more I work out (dance fitness), the younger I feel. I can shake, pop and drop it with (or even more so) than some of the youngsters. Once I get started, I channel Beyoncé and just go for it.

*Unless I'm looking through rose-colored glasses, I don't look quite 4o. And, according to reactions from others, I don't either - unless that's the learned habitual response, "Oh, you don't look 40...you look like you're only 38." (Thanks, a lot, but I'll take it.)

The Bad:

*Although I can dance with the best of them, my body is growing more stiff daily. The regular stretches doesn't cut it anymore. That old chant we sang as kids now rings true, "My back aches, my shoes too tight, my booty shake to the left and right..."

*Yeah, something is going on with my eyes. While at the grocery store, I noticed that I couldn't quite focus on the ingredients without moving my hand backwards and forwards to get the right distance and only then did my eyes re-adjust for the right focus. Hey, I've always had 20/20 so this phenomenon is quite odd! I blame it all the squinting while using these darn computers!

*Three weeks ago, I felt sick. It could have been something that I ate, but it happened again. Now, I'm looking at the commercials about the little purple pill. Yep, not only did my body reject dairy at 35, now I have to deal with a little acid reflux or indigestion (or whatever they want to call it this month!) This is not fair, acid reflux is not for the almost 40!

*And, a while ago I found gray hairs in places that I would rather not discuss. But, now I've discovered hair in places that it shouldn't be - for a woman. What is it with the few strands of hair popping up on my chin. What in the heck is that about? Now only do I have to wax my upper lip, but life would be completely unfair if I have to do that for my chin, too!

The Ugly:

*I have succumbed to the realization that everything on the market that promises to reduce stretch marks - doesn't. Years of trying to erase the proof of motherhood has ended up in realizing that it's not going anywhere! Yep, some things I found will stay with me the rest of my life.

*I'm needing naps...well, not just naps, but longer naps.

*If women reach their peak at 35, what happens when we reach 40? Please don't tell me, I'd rather be in denial because I'm not even married yet. I want to be krazy wild for once in my life - when my husband comes into my life - not just sitting on the couch looking at each other without little desire to do anything else.

*Oh yeah, it was something else...oh right. Uh, I found that I'm getting more forgetful. I used to not use a calendar, information was all programmed in my mind (except phone numbers, I never remembered them too well, esp. from dudes in case I didn't want to ever call them back.) But now, I find myself forgetting where I put things, grasping at words in regular conversation, names, and...what what I saying?


  1. I loved this one, and unfortunately I can relate to most of it at the tender age of 33...smh

  2. It seems that everything starting going downhill after 35 years old. really smhh.