Friday, September 17, 2010

Playing Dress Up

I've been invited out, which will be major fun. That's the good news. Want to know the bad news? The clothes in my closet haven't been updated since 1998. Yep, I've got stuff in my closet (that I still wear) that I've had before my daughter was even born. Seriously. I know, it's sad. But, I hate clothes shopping. It's not my thing. It gives me a headache especially shopping at TJ Maxx and Marshalls - too many racks of clothes bunched all together!! Ugh!

Maybe it's because I get flashbacks of my mother shopping for me in the husky size when I was a kid. And, watching her break a sweat in the dressing room as her size 1 frame struggled to pull a pair of husky Levi's over my fat thighs. It was hard for her to have a fat daughter and it was hard for me to have a very skinny mom. I've detested shopping and trying on clothes ever since. But, I do it because sometimes it can be enjoyable.

For instance, I went to find a new dress to wear for my 40th celebration and it was pleasing to see how my Zumba body has shaped up. (I'm not that fat girl that I used to be.) So, I picked up a hot little number to place in my old-fashioned closet.

Now that I'm invited out, my cousin Shinnel urged me to stop by her house with the dress to accessorize it. Yeah, that chic has a closet out of a made for TV movie. We accessorized the dress alright. She took it back to the ol' skool days where girlfriends used to have the music pumping while trying on each other's clothes while playing dress up.

Her- Take that dress off, try these [black leatheretter looking] leggings...and wait, try this blouse on.

Me- Ooh, I like these. It makes me look like I have a niiiceee booty. Oh, cute top, but I don't want my tata's to fall out.

Her-They won't fall out. Wait, I've got a dog collar. Ugh, your neck is too small.

Me- You know, this look makes me want to wear leather gloves. That makes it real bad!

Her - Lisa [lil sis] has my leather gloves. [calls Lisa] When you come here, bring the gloves and some shoes, oh and some know the ones.... Take that off Alicia, try this dress...try put on these shorts...

Let me tell you, we went from dressing for this weekend to dressing for my 40th birthday extravaganza. What about my black little dress? Well, it was lying on the bed with the rest of the outfits that she had me try on. No matter what the event will be like, trust me, I will be looking H-O-T and I'll be posting some pics to prove it!

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